Ultimate 7 Best Things to Do in Boracay

Boracay is an island located in the western part of the Philippines. It has consistently been considered as one of the best islands in the world. Some people would think that there’s only the famous white beach on the island. But as a long time resident on the island, I can definitely say there are many activities in Boracay to fill your days. But if you’ve got limited days, we are here to help! Here’s the ultimate 7 best things to do in Boracay for your next visit.

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Best Things to Do in Boracay Overview

How many days in Boracay is enough?

If you are a first time visitor, 4 to 5 days is enough to spend in Boracay.

What is Boracay best known for?

Boracay Island is best known for its white-sand beach, amazing sunsets and fun night scenes.

What do many visitors do in Boracay?

Many visitors come to Boracay to have a beach getaway, go swimming, snorkeling, party and just relax.

Ultimate 7 Best Things to Do in Boracay

There are so many things to do in Boracay, however, if you’re limited with your days. I am giving you this list so you can feel like you’ve really enjoyed your stay.

Boracay Land Tour via e-trike

The best way to see Boracay is to get around it! E-trikes are the local transports being used on the island and you can hire one of them to bring you around. You can do this in about 3-4 hours and get to see some of the best spots in Boracay. You’ll visit the mangroves forest, Newcoast Keyhole, Puka Beach and other beaches on the island too. Cost is about Php400 – 450/ hour and they’re everywhere on the island.

One of the cheapest ways to go around Boracay if you’ve got the time is using the Hop on/Hop off bus by Southwest. You buy a local card or they actually have a tourist card good for 3 days and use it to get on and off anywhere on the island too.

Sunset Paraw Sailing

One of the best and most unique sunsets in the world can be seen in Boracay. This is also because of these wind-driven boats called Paraw. Paraws are double outrigger sail boats in the Philippines and they usually come around sunset time to sail. Imagine riding them and feeling the wind on your face while the sun is setting. It’s one of the most fun and beautiful experiences on the island.

You can easily hire or book them online and get some discounts. Cost starts from Php2500 for the whole Paraw and can take about 8 people. You can also go to White beach around 4pm and ask the touts if you can join a group so you won’t have to pay for the whole Paraw yourself. The ride takes about 30 minutes.

Boracay Water Activities

From island hopping, parasailing, jet skiing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding and kayaking, you wont run out of things to do in Boracay. You can even get to ride on a crystal kayak and get your photos taken by now professional guides against the crystal clear waters of Boracay. You can book most of these activities online too.

For the more serious types of water activities, scuba diving, freediving and kite surfing are also available for you to get your lessons, be certified and enjoy. You can read our list of best water activities in Boracay to make your planning easier.

Indulge in a Massage and Spa Treatment

The ultimate relaxation is to get a massage and spa treatment while on your holiday. If you just need a respite from all the walking you’ll do along white beach, there are many foot massage place there. However, if you want the ultimate indulgence, you can have a beauty and spa day.

Tirta Spa is one of the established spa place on the island. You can also check Shangri-la hotel in Boracay and ask them for their packages and get to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Beach Hopping and Relaxing

You are on a beach getaway so of course you need to actually enjoy it on the beach too! But then after you’ve had you fill of White Beach, there are many other beaches on the island to enjoy and see. Go to Puka Beach for its interesting shell-filled sand. Bulabog beach is the adventurous side where you can enjoy watching the kite surfers, then find your way to Ilig-iligan beach for that quiet and beautiful area where most tourists don’t even get to visit.

Eat and Drink your Way around the Island

You’ll surely gather an appetite after all these activities you can do in Boracay. Thankfully, you don’t have to look further than around D’Mall and Station 2 area of white beach to find places to eat and drink. I’d say go further to Station 1 and have some sunset drinks and slowly make your way towards the centre part of the beach for dinner, and then drinks.

Do Some Yoga and Exercise

If you’ve been on the island for a while, you will notice that locals are very active and sporty. This is because even before sunrise, you can find people running, swimming and even playing sports on the beach. You can start your day with a morning yoga at Eat Play Heal or arrange it with your hotel. Then before the sun sets, you can go for a run around the island and end up on white beach while waiting for the sunset.

This is one of the best ways to enjoy and take care of your health and body even when you’re on a beach getaway.

Have you been to Boracay? What were the things you did there? Let us know in the comments!

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