13 Best Tourist Spots to Visit in Coron Palawan

Coron is one of the best tourist spots among the 4 major islands in Palawan. It is a tropical paradise with a mix of fun and vibrant urban life. Even in the town proper, you can already enjoy a few Coron tourist spots and plenty of shops, pubs, and restaurants you can explore. There are indeed a lot of beautiful sceneries in Coron. The island has a very limited internet connection as well as a cellphone signal. This is also why it is the perfect place to disconnect from the world and just have fun with nature. However, if you need to rely on the internet during your vacation, you might need to consider this downside of Coron. It surely is a must visit in planning your trip to the Philippines too.

Is Coron worth visiting?

Definitely! Coron has a lot of activities all around the clock. During the daytime, you can enjoy island hopping, basking under the sun, and diving; While during nighttime, you can meet friends, socialize, and grab a few drinks in town. Nightlife is also lively in Coron.

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What is the best month to visit Coron Palawan?

Coron Palawan can be enjoyed all year round but if you want to make the most out of it, the dry season is the best time to go. It typically starts in the month of December and ends in May. If you want to explore more sights, the ideal month to go is in April where days are the longest. The month with the least rainfall is in March while the warmest month is May. On the other hand, we can expect that the coolest dry months start in December until February. If you want to know more about when is the best time to visit Coron tourist spots, click this informative guide.

What is Coron Palawan known for?

Destinations involving diving and watersport activities are the main tourist attractions in Coron and these activities make Coron Palawan known to a lot of foreign and local enthusiasts. It can easily be booked in many tour packages across the island but if you want to make your own itinerary, here are the 13 best tourist spots in Coron, Palawan.

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is on the top of the most popular Coron Palawan tourist spots and is located on Busuanga Island. In fact, it is usually the first picture that will show up online when you search for “Coron”. The Kayangan Lake has become popular because of its crystal clear freshwater lake which can be best appreciated from the view deck that consists of 367 steps and down under when you are scuba diving. The lake also features limestone rock formations above water and even underwater.

Best Thing to do in Kayangan Lake

Upon docking in Kayangan Lake, you need to hike a total of 367 steps to get to the view deck where you can enjoy an overlooking view of the Instagrammable Kayangan Lake. Here’s where you can take the famous Coron Palawan shots you can find on social media. Behind that, you can also find a cave that used to be a cemetery. Swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling are the best things to do in Kayangan Lake.

Entrance fee: PHP 300 ($6)

Click here to book an island hopping to Kayangan Lake.

Twin Lagoon

Twin Lagoon is one of the must-see Coron Palawan tourist spots. It features a beautiful twin lagoon divided by 1 limestone wall where tourists need to cross to get from one lagoon to another. Another fun fact about the lagoon is that one part of the lagoon is made of saltwater while another part is made of freshwater and when this two mix together, it makes the lagoon appear blurry. Aside from that, it also alters the water temperature in the lagoon from warm to cold and vice versa.

Best thing to do in Twin Lagoon

For those who can scuba dive, the underwater rock formations are a treat. If not, snorkeling can also be enjoyed in the lagoon. If you just want to chill and relax, you can even float and drift with your life jacket.

Entrance fee: PHP 200 ($4)

Japanese Sunken Shipwrecks in Coron Bay

If you are a diving enthusiast, you might find wonders exploring the bottom of the sea in Coron bay. There are 7 dive sites you can find in Coron Bay and all of these feature shipwrecks from the sunken Japanese naval fleet which originated during World War II. These shipwrecks now serve as a home to the abundant marine life in Coron. While there are dive spots where a diving skill is necessary, there are also some spots that can be enjoyed with a snorkel. This underwater adventure is also one of the best Coron Palawan tourist spots.

Best thing to do in Coron Bay

There are different dive spots in Coron Bay which are currently named after the sunken ships in World War II.

Akitsushima Maru – This sunken warship served to deploy a seaplane named “Emily” during the war measures 118m long and lies 22-36m deep. This dive spot in Coron bay is suitable for Technical Wreck Divers and deep divers. Military History enthusiasts will only enjoy exploring the remains of this ship as you can still see debris and even war guns within the vicinity of the ship.

Irako Maru – The Iraku Maru is one of the best shipwrecks in Coron Bay. During WWII, the Irako Maru served as a cargo ship that carries food items for the Japanese Navy Fleet– not until it was bombed in 1944 by the US Task Force. It is 147m long and 34 – 45m deep.

Kogyo Maru – This auxiliary supply ship used to carry construction supplies and one of the survivors of the attack in Manila bay which fled to Coron Bay to hide. Currently, it is now home to various marine species along with hard and soft corals. It is now 22 – 36m deep in the water of Coron. Advanced Open Water, Deep divers, and Wreck Divers. will surely enjoy this shipwreck It is also one of the best Coron Tourist Spots for underwater photography.

Okikawa Maru – Considered the largest shipwreck in Coron Bay, the Okikawa Maru measures 170m and weighed 10,045 tonnes. It is now sunken at a depth of 10 – 26m and is suitable for Open Water divers and Wreck divers.

Olympia Maru – This ship is now 12 – 25m deep in the waters of Coron Bay. It was also used as an auxiliary ship during WWII. The remainder of this ship is the perfect site for basic or novice wreck penetrations and underwater photography.

Tangat Wreck – this shipwreck is located close to Tangat island thus the name of this Coron Palawan tourist spot. Divers can enjoy various marine life around it such as seahorses and ghost pipefish, as well as the view of the beautiful corals covering the shipwreck. This dive spot is suitable for Advanced Open Water divers most especially for underwater photographers and macro critter enthusiasts.

Kyokuzan Maru – Believed to be the last ship that sunk during the massive attack in WWII, Kyokuzan Maru now lies 22 – 29m deep. It is located on the far end of Busuanga Island which is why most diving centers in Coron do not include it in their itinerary. But if you still want to explore the beauty of Kyokuzan Maru, you can take a long boatride to get there.

Entrance fee: Fees are already included in the diving rates but if you wish to know more about the best diving centers in Coron and the best Coron tourist spots to dive in, read here.

Calauit Island and Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary

Calauit Island is known for the Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary and should be included in your list of Coron Palawan tourist spots. The travel time from Coron to Calauit is approximately 1 hour and a half. After that, you need to take a boat for 5 minutes to get to the Safari/Wildlife Sanctuary. For a brief history of the place, the Calauit Safari used to be a private island until President Marcos turned it into a wildlife sanctuary in 1976. Some of the animals that you can find here were imported from Kenya. You can find civet cats, monkeys, crocs, giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife in the sanctuary. It considered one of the biggest Safari in the country.

Best thing to do in Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary

Exploring the island with the safari jeep is one of the best things to do here. From the rooftop of the jeep, you can also feed the giraffes and take really cool photos with them. Basically, Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary is a great experience if you don’t have the capacity to go to Africa to see this wildlife.

Entrance fee: PHP 300 ($6). There are also other fees like environmental fee, jeepney rental, and etc which will be asked upon entry. There are also tour packages that already include Calauit Wildlife Sanctuary in the itinerary. BOOK HERE.

Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados is named after the 7 rocky islets located south of Busuanga Island. It is considered to be one of the best Coron tourist spots because of the beautiful coral reefs surrounding it. It is also very accessible from the town proper which a lot of tourists love about it. You can book a snorkeling day trip in Coron which usually includes Siete Pecados in one of its snorkeling stops.

Best thing to do in Siete Pecados

Snorkeling is the main activity in Siete Pecados. You can find coral reefs, various species of fishes, turtles, and a school of barracuda in the area. In fact, it even has a certain spot known as the Barracuda Point where you can easily spot a huge school of barracuda.

Entrance fee: PHP 100 ($2). If you are booking a Coron Tour, entrance fees are already included in their rates. BOOK HERE.

Barracuda Lake

Barracuda Lake, also known as Luluyuan Lake, features a crystal blue water composed of fresh and salt water. The combination of these two makes the temperature of the lake drastically change as you dive deeper. Aside from this, you can also see rock formations which extends to the deepest part of the lake. Barracudas are no longer visible in the area but if you are lucky you might spot a few. Barracuda lake is one of the most popular Coron Palawan tourist spots for scuba divers and diving enthusiasts.

Best thing to do in Barracuda Lake

You can enjoy scuba diving in Barracuda Lake. The topmost layer of the lake is actually freshwater. 4 meters deep, you can now find yourself in saltwater where the temperature rises to 38 degrees Celsius as you go deeper. You can also find a long cave near the bottom of the lake where only one diver at a time can fit its entrance. You can find Gobie, Grouper, Trevally, and Barracudas in the lake.

Entrance fee: PHP 150 ($3). If you book a Coron tour, Entrance fees are already included in their rates. BOOK HERE.

Mt. Tapyas

Mount Tapyas is the second highest peak and the best viewpoint in Coron. From the town proper, you can already see the huge white cross located at the peak of the hill. Mount Tapyas is the best place to see the entirety of Coron and to catch sunset– of course. The best thing about this Coron tourist spot is that it is located very close to the town proper. It is usually one of the stops before going to Maquinit Hot Spring.

Best thing to do in Mt. Tapyas

The goal when visiting Mt. Tapyas is to reach the peak of the hill where the giant white cross is located. The road to the cross is not difficult and only requires a total of 721 steps or approximately 45-minutes of hiking. However, with the scorching heat in Coron, a lot of tourists find it challenging to reach the peak.

Entrance fee: There is no entrance to Mount Tapyas. You only need patience and perseverance to get there.

Maquinit Hot Spring

Maquinit Hot Spring is one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world and is located on the southern coast of Busuanga Island. The hot spring has a temperature of 39 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius. To get there, you need to take a 30-minute tricycle ride from the town proper.

Best thing to do in Maquinit Hot Spring

If you want to relax after a long day or probably after hiking in Mt. Tapyas, one of the best Coron tourist spots to visit is the Maquinit hot spring. Although it seems impossible to bear with the hotness of the spring at the first dip, once you get the hang of it you’ll be able to enjoy it already.

Entrance fee: PHP 150 ($3). Book this Coron town Half Day tour for a convenient trip to Maquinit Hot Spring.

Black Island

Black Island is one of the gems located in Busuanga Island. It consists of water caves and tunnels, black limestones, a shipwreck close to the shore, a cold spring, a vibrant marine life, and a white sand beach. Because of its growing popularity among other Coron Palawan tourist spots, a lot of tour packages are including this island in their itinerary. One of the most popular tours going to Black Island is the Calauit Safari Tour by sea.

Best thing to do in Black Island

Aside from snorkeling, diving, and basking in the sun, you can also go caving in Black Island. The biggest cave on the island is easily accessible with a ladder and has an opening big enough to peek through the crystal clear water underneath.

Entrance fee: PHP 200 ($4). A tour guide is not yet included with the entrance fee and has another rate.

Banul Beach

Banul Beach is the most popular lunch stopover in most Coron Island tours. It has a beautiful, still, and warm sea water, a powdery white sand, and rows of huts as the lunch area for tourists. However, not all tours stop at Banul Beach for lunch most especially when the island has already reached its capacity.

Best thing to do in Banul Beach

After lunch, you can swim in the warm water of Banul Beach or go to the nearby coral garden to snorkel and enjoy the underwater life at the beach.

Entrance fee: PHP 150 ($3)

CYC Beach

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful beaches in Coron, CYC Beach is a free-entrance beach that is as equally beautiful as the other beaches in Coron. It boasts turquoise crystal water, white powdery sand, rock formations, and mangroves.

Best thing to do in CYC Beach

A trip to CYC Beach is already included in the Coron Island tour and it comes along with a trip to Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. A stopover at CYC Beach is perfect to relax and just enjoy the beauty of nature. You can also grab a few delicious snacks from the small snack boats in the island.

Entrance fee: CYC Beach has no entrance fee. Book the Coron tour A here for a convenient trip to CYC Beach.

Coron’s Royal Island Watersports

If you seek for a thrill day in Coron, the Royal Island Watersports tour is the perfect Coron tourist spot for you. It features a day filled with watersport activities such as Banana boat, Flying fish, and a lot more. The tour starts at Zipline Lualhati Park where you will be transferred to Royal Island Watersport via a speedboat. Keep in mind that this tour is not advisable for pregnant women and person with heart conditions.

Best thing to do in Coron’s Royal Island Watersports

While in Coron’s Royal Island Watersports, guests can access the floating sea pool, use the clear bottom glass kayak, and a 15 minutes ride of any of the following: Banana Boat, Flying Fish, Bandwagon, and Hurricane.

Entrance fee: Price starts at PHP 800 ($17).

Calamian Island Fireflies and Plankton Tour

A tour to Calamian Island is probably one of the most magical Coron tourist spots experience. Fun fact, Coron is also home to fireflies which come out during the night. You can spot them in mangrove swamps– exactly where this Calamian Island tour will take you. Bioluminescent planktons are also in the waters which makes the whole tour very magical.

Best thing to do in Calamian Island

Aside from the Fireflies and Plankton Tour, the Calamian Island tour is already inclusive of a buffet dinner, transfers, and kayak fees.

Entrance fee: The entrance fee is already included in the tour rate which is PHP 950 ($20) per person.

How many days do you need in Coron?

With all these exciting adventures and Coron tourist spots, it is not surprising that a lot of tourists would want to spend more days on the island. If you want to experience the most out of these Coron Palawan tourist spots, 3 to 4 days in Coron will already be enough. To save more time and have a convenient vacation, be sure to book all your activities in advance.

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