Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure in Legazpi, Albay

Mount Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. If you are wondering where Mayon Volcano is, you can find it in the province of Legazpi, Albay in Luzon. Mount Mayon is a volcano which provides a stunning backdrop to the vibrant city and is usually the first thing that anyone notices upon arrival downtown. As soon as we arrived in Legazpi, we all wanted to get as close as we could! Thankfully, we had arranged for a Mayon Volcano ATV adventure in Legazpi, Albay. 

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How to get to Mayon Volcano in Legazpi, Albay

Manila to Legaspi: There are bus trips from Pasay, Cubao or other bus terminals that would take you directly to Legazpi. It takes about 9-10 hours. Book your bus tickets here!

Flights from Manila to Legazpi are also available via different airlines you can check here.

The bus we took was from Bicol Isarog Bus Line for Php800 (no toilet) and Php1000 (w/toilet 28-32 seater). We found it comfortable but bring your own blanket or cover for the cold bus especially at night.   

Mayon Volcano ATV Ride: 1500 Pesos (approx. $30) Green Lava TrailBook your ATV Adventure here.

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Which is the best Mayon Volcano ATV Trail to do?

There are about 8 different trails to choose from for the Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure tour.

Route 1 : 2018 Mayon Lava Trail which takes about 3 – 4 hours and purely off road routes which is good for driving ATVs and is the most challenging trail in all the trails. Rate is Php 2,200/pax. Book it here.

Route 2: Black Lava Trail this trail takes about 2- 3 hours and passes by curvy and rocky trails, rivers/swamps, forests and you will pass by barangay roads. Rate is Php 1,600/pax. Book it here.

Route 3: Green Lava Trail this trails takes about 2 – 2.5 hours and is purely off-road and you will get a closer look of Mt Mayon 6 km from its crater. We did this trail and recommend it. Rate is Php 1,300/pax. Book it here

Route 4: Skydrive Combo Trail takes about 1 -1.5 hours and will follow an exclusive trail with a circular route around Cagsawa ruins plus some other routes. Rate is Php 900/pax. Book it here

Route 5: Cagsawa Skydrive River Trail takes about 40 minutes and will let you pass around the circular route around Cagsawa Ruins. Rate is Php 700/pax. Book it here

Route 6: Forest Trail takes about 35 minutes to 1 hour takes you on a exclusive trail under some trees and still stunning view of Mt Mayon. Rate is Php 600/pax. Book it here.

Route 7: Snake Trail takes about 30 – 40 minutes with an exciting river crossing for about 200 meters and curvy, sandy paths. Rate is Php 500/pax. Book it here.

Route 8: Skydrive Grassland Trail takes about 20 – 30 minutes with river crossing, sandy and rocky paths and wide greenery field. Rate is Php 400/pax. Book it here.

Mayon Volcano ATV Adventure Experience – Green Lava Trail

We arrived at the ATV site just before lunch and were all keen to get started. We processed our payments, signed our waivers and headed out. Initially, we sat down and listened carefully to the guide who took us through the basics of operating the vehicles and gave us a rundown of the dos and don ts of riding ATV’s. After the instructions were given, we grabbed helmets that fit and mounted our ATVs ready to ride. We decided to take the green lava trail which would lead us to the base of the volcano through dirt tracks, village roads, and farmland.

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The peak of the volcano was barely visible through the many clouds that surrounded Mount Mayon that morning. Riding was initially difficult to get used to as we were all accustomed to driving motorbikes and scooters around smooth city roads in Thailand and Vietnam. The terrain was rough, the ride was full of bumps and holes but the feeling of adventure enveloped us all as we journeyed through the shallow streams and rocky roads. We traveled in a single file making sure to follow the paths taken by our guide.

The scenery was incredible and the air that fills our lungs was fresh, every turn we took brought about gasps as we witnessed new sites that complimented the now familiar awe-inspiring backdrop of Mount Mayon.

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The trip to the base lasted about an hour and 20 minutes and although the ATV experience was incredible, it was around the hour mark, that we began to feel weary. Each new bump added slight discomfort to our already sore buttocks and we started to look forward to the moment where we could dismount. As we passed through our final stretch of the jungle we were faced with a hill that, once cleared, gave way to the most spectacular view of Mount Mayon.

A final gasp was uttered by all and we revved our engines and climbed the smooth slope to arrive at our destination. All complaints of fatigue and being tired instantly vanished once we bore witness to the incredible beauty of Mount Mayon. This looming mountain that had been ever present in the background of our adventures these past few days had finally been revealed, and it was more incredible than any of us had imagined.

After we had taken in the sites hunger began to set in. An old man who had been watching us for the past ten minutes slowly approached with a toothless grin and a machete fastened to his belt, he motioned towards a nearby coconut tree and began to speak in the local dialect.

I translated and after a few brief nods were exchanged he went to the tree and, despite his age, began to retrieve coconuts with amazing speed. Each coconut was initially cut at the top so we could drink the sweet milk that lay inside, once the milk was consumed we returned the coconut to the man who sliced the shell in two and allowed us to eat the sweet coconut meat that clung to the inside.

A small dog watched us carefully and wagged its tail ecstatically as we shared our coconut treats with her. She followed us around watching as we took photos of ATV’s, people on ATV’s, the mountain on its own and then the mountain with ATV’s. When we had finished taking in the sites and had finished breathing in the freshest air we’d encountered for months we mounted our vehicles and took off once more.

The guides mentioned that we would be taking a quicker route back, one that would allow us more freedom on the ATV’s. About 5 minutes into the journey it began to rain, and it rained hard. We initially tried to take cover under trees but that proved to be an exercise in futility.

We were all soaked through and the rain started to fall even harder, after we accepted our fates we got back on our ATV’s and rode off. Every stream we passed through made us no wetter than when we had entered, and the way back was less scenic but we were allowed to roam slightly more freely than we had done. The return leg of our journey took approximately 40 minutes and it left us wanting more.

We were soaked and muddy as we dismounted our vehicles, all of us agreed that the journey back was our favourite part of the excursion. We will never forget our trip on the green lava trail, the natural beauty of the Legazpi farmlands or the smiling faces of village children who waved at us as we passed.

We will never forget seeing Mount Mayon in all her beauty and splendor. And finally, we will never forget our return to base with the thunderous downpour providing an epic soundtrack to end our ATV adventure.

Did you try the Mayon ATV Adventure? Have you got any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments so we can add them too!

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