Siquijor Travel Guide

One of the up and coming travel destinations in the Philippines is located in Visayas area and close enough to Bohol and Cebu. Siquijor is a small island that has that relaxing vibe, long stretch of empty beaches, cheaper cost of food and accommodation yet has great nightlife. It is popularly called “Mystic Island” which comes with that thrilling local beliefs that the you can buy magic love potions or any kinds of potions from local shamans. It might be just a folklore, but when you get there you’ll definitely feel hooked on the island’s vibe.

Siquijor Attractions

One of the main reasons I visited Siquijor was its national reputation of being a “Mystic Island” in the Philippines. I remember being told stories by my grandma who grew up there about the old trees, mythical creatures, and even creating potions. When I finally got to Siquijor, I was pleasantly surprised because it was a friendly, charismatic island filled with amazing sights.

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The following attractions are great to check out in Siquijor:

  • Get an adrenaline rush in Salagdoong Cliff Jump
  • Swing like a monkey in Cambugahay Falls
  • Visit Tubod Beach and Marine Sanctuary
  • Get a relaxing foot spa in the Old Enchanted Balete Tree
  • Lounge and enjoy the sunset at Talisay Beach

Siquijor Travel Articles

Siquijor Accommodations

How to Travel to Siquijor

Siquijor is a small island that is easily accessible by ferry from different islands like Cebu, Bohol and Dumaguete. There’s no public airport yet as of writing but there’s one that’s being developed.

You can easily combine a visit to Siquijor from Bohol or Cebu as ferries have connecting trips to these islands.

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