15 Best Tourist Spots To Visit in Siquijor

Known to a lot of Filipinos, the “mystic island” of Siquijor in the Philippines is enveloped with witchcraft, spiritual rituals, and healings. However, those days when people used to tell crazy horror stories about this island are long gone as its tourism rate spiked– not because people needed potions to enchant the love of their lives nor they needed a faith healer to cast away a demonic force but because many tourists started to uncover a handful of Siquijor tourist spots. If you are looking for the best tourist spots to visit in Siquijor, you are in the right place.

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Starting from its turquoise beaches, mysterious caves, rich underwater life, and of course, various churches, you’ll find yourself enchanted by this island without any magic spells and potions in your bloodstream. 

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15 Best Tourist Spots in Siquijor

If you are eyeing to get a glimpse of this mystical island and still don’t know where to start, don’t worry as we will be filling your itinerary with exciting activities from this list of 15 best tourist spots in Siquijor. This list includes an array of Siquijor beach you can choose from as well as various churches to visit. Of course, you can always add “potion tasting” in your things to do in Siquijor if you prefer, although we highly recommend not to. 

Things to do in Siquijor for the adrenaline junkies

1. Get an adrenaline rush in Salagdoong Cliff Jump

Salagdong Beach

This cliff diving spot is located in Salagdoong Beach, which is also one of the top picks if you are looking for a pristine Siquijor beach while on the island. This diving spot has two variants, the 7-meter dive and the 10-meter dive. The 7-meter (22 feet) dive is perfect for those who want a taste of this activity while the 10-meter dive, on the other hand, is for those who can’t get enough adrenaline rush from the first plank. For those who want a little bit of a warm-up, the water slides are a good start too. 

After trying out all these activities to your heart’s content, be sure to take a break at the top of the cliff and take time to enjoy the beautiful view beneath you. 

2. Explore the rock formations in Cantabon Cave

Cantabon Cave is one of the most visited Siquijor tourist spots and it can be easily reached by public transportation like a tricycle. This 2-3 hours of caving experience will take you to a lot of rock formations inside the cave, such as the “King’s Bed”, “Shower Bell”, and “Angel’s Bath”.  If you want to add this in your itinerary, be sure that you are physically capable to bend, slide, and crawl. Also, expect to get wet and dirty once you are inside the cave.

Here are some things to remember before going inside Cantabon Cave:

  • Waterproof your devices
  • Wear aqua shoes or sandals and proper caving attire.
  • Check for perfect weather since the cave can be very dangerous on a rainy day. 
  • Leave no trash and protect the cave formations. Tourists who will violate this rule will pay a fine as much as 1000 pesos per violation.

3. Swing into turquoise waters in Cambugahay Falls

The refreshing atmosphere in Cambugahay Falls is the top reason why a lot of tourists are adding this on their list of things to do in Siquijor. This 3-tiered waterfall is blessed with crystal clear natural spring water. On the first tier, you can find the Tarzan swing which is free of charge. There are also locals willing to assist you to get on the swing. The third tier, on the other hand, is where you can find most tourists. It is excellent for swimming because it has the biggest and deepest pool. 

Here are some things to remember when visiting Cambugahay Falls:

  • There are no restaurants in the area
  • There are guides which can also serve as photographers

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4. Enjoy the lush scenery in Lagaan Falls

Lagaan Falls is located in Lazi which will take around 30 minutes by scooter, motorcycle taxi, or tricycle if you are coming from San Juan. The entrance fee to the falls is 30 pesos which already includes parking. From the entrance, you can follow the trail to the falls or you can get a guide for the company. Lagaan Falls is quite similar to Cambugahay Falls where you can also find a large swimming pool and a swinging rope. However, the lush scenery surrounding the falls is what makes it stand out. There are also chill spots everywhere like tables and hammocks. Sitting at the edge of the pool also works fine to some. 

5. Jump from the top of Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls is one of the series of waterfalls in the Zodiac Falls and it is the most popular among them. If you want to experience endless jumping and diving, adding the Lugnason Falls on your list is a good idea. You can climb from one side of the falls, run and jump from the top. You can also swing using the rope and practice some stunts if you like. 

There is no entrance fee to the falls. If you want to add this in your things to do in Siquijor, the falls is an easy 20 minutes ride from San Juan. 

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Things to do in Siquijor for the beach bums

Going to an island will never be complete without spending a day or two at the beach. If you are one of those beach bums who can’t wait to get salty, here is a list of the best Siquijor beach. 

6. Solangon Beach

Solangon Beach in San Juan has fine sand and clear water to enjoy. It is a perfect getaway for those who want to take a break from touring the island.  It is considered one of the most relaxing beaches in Siquijor that’s why it’s difficult not to fall in love with this beach.

7. Paliton Beach

Paliton Beach is a perfect example of Siquijor’s unspoiled beauty which features a long stretch of white sand beach and azure seawater. Located just right in the tourist area of San Juan, Siquijor, this public beach is a popular spot for chasing sunsets and is also a good choice for travelers who just want to relax by the sea– most probably enjoying a sip of an ice-cold drink while vibing with some locals and fellow travelers.

8. Talisay Beach

If you want to enjoy a little bit of a low-key beach, you probably should give Talisay Beach a try. This underrated spot is perfect for spontaneous plans where you can just pullover in the middle of a road trip, park your rides, and walk your way down to the shoreline. Tourists can also expect to see a spectacular view underwater which is why this beach is becoming more popular for those who enjoy snorkeling.

Talisay Beach is located somewhere between Lazi and Maria. Be sure not to miss this beach most especially if you’re going to Salagdoong Beach.

9. Kagusuan Beach

Another beach to add in your long list for island hopping is Kagusuan Beach which is located in the town of Maria. However, unlike some of the beaches mentioned here, Kagusuan Beach is a little bit secluded and deserted. Don’t be discouraged though. Even though it is quite a challenge to visit this beach, everything is still worth it because this beach will welcome its visitors with its crystal clear water and beautiful rock formation.

10. Tubod Beach and Marine Sanctuary

Tubod Beach and Marine Sanctuary, located in the municipality of San Juan, is not just for ordinary days of swimming at the beach. Instead, it is a haven for those who love to explore the life underwater. Aside from snorkeling, this marine sanctuary can also host various watersports like kayaking and paddling. Moreover, tourists also enjoy watching sunsets on this beach.

Things to do in Siquijor for all ages

Adrenaline and beaches aside, here are other things to do in Siquijor that can be enjoyed by anyone from various age groups. 

11. Visit the Siquijor Butterfly Sanctuary

Adding to this list of Siquijor tourist spots, the butterfly sanctuary in Lazi features a small and humble abode for butterflies to breed. This is just a good place for a quick stopover since it does not have a large collection of butterflies to view. 

Currently, this eco-tourism spot is still a work in progress where its main goal is to increase the butterfly population in Siquijor. 

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12. Get a relaxing foot spa in the Old Enchanted Balete Tree

This prime spot in Siquijor alone already screams witchcraft and other mythical stories just by merely looking at this gigantic tree and its creepy vines sipping the life out of its host. It has been said that this balete tree is the biggest and oldest on the island. If you want to pay a visit, it is just located in Siquijor Circumferential Road in Lazi. Anyway, you can easily pass by this tree if you are on your way to some Siquijor tourist spots. 

There is not much to do around it aside from a relaxing foot spa brought by the fishes in the pool. There are also some stalls offering snacks and other variety of goodies but what can really catch your attention are the charms and love potions the locals are selling as souvenirs. Whether these work or not, it is still good memorabilia to take home. 

13. Church-hopping in Siquijor

Aside from enjoying the turquoise Siquijor beach, tourists can also participate in a church-hopping activity while on the island. 

  • Our Lady of Divine Providence Church

 The Our Lady of Divine Providence Church is a Roman Catholic Church established in 1887. Even this church could not survive from paranormal tales in which one of them says that this church is home to the Black Maria or St. Rita, known to be a nightwalker and an entity enveloped with black magic. 

  • Lazi Convent

The Lazi Convent or also known as the San Isidro Labrador Church is a Roman Catholic Church in Lazi. It has a neoclassical architectural style from the mid-18th century.

  • Saint Francis de Assisi Church

The Saint Francis de Assisi Church is one of the most popular churches in Siquijor. In fact, others also call is as Siquijor Church. Located a few steps from the port, this church was founded in 1783 by a group of priests. The church was initially built out of nipa but later on, it was developed using coral stones in 1795. There is also a bell tower close to the church which served as a watchtower to look after intruders getting into the island. 

14. Experience a mystical ride through the Salagdoong Man-made Forest

This 80-hectares of Molave trees arching towards each other is a long stretch of man-made forest that you can hardly miss on your way to Salagdoong Beach. It almost feels like you are about to enter a mystical world. Anyhow, this man-made forest in Salagdoong is truly worth a spot in your Instagram feed so if you happen to pass by, be sure to prepare your cameras for some shots. 

15. Bring your family to Capilay Spring Park

This leisure park in San Juan is worth a try as it does not have an entrance fee but guests can already enjoy a well-maintained park and a swimming pool. One thing to like about this place is the fresh air and the array of trees located in the park. If you want to spend a day with your family just for relaxation, Capilay Spring Park is a good option. 

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How to get to Siquijor

If you don’t know how to get to Siquijor, check out these ferries:

Cebu to Siquijor Ferry

Bohol to Siquijor Ferry

Dumaguete to Siquijor Ferry

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