Siargao Travel Guide: Things to See, Do, Accommodation and Itinerary

Rising to the top of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines, Siargao Island has a lot of treats for adrenaline junkies. This tropical island in the province of Surigao del Norte has all types of activities that you can do under the sun– from touring the island with a motorbike to catching waves in Pacifico Beach.

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When the sun sets, the island magically turns into a giant party hub where you can find rows of clubs and bars open until late night. This is the reason why you will never run out of things to do in Siargao.

My trip to Siargao was one of the best trips I have been, so far. It was a week full of fun and adventure; the perfect type of vacation to escape the city hustle. If you are looking for a Siargao guide, I will share in this article some information that will help you plan what to do in Dapa Siargao, know the best time to go surfing in Siargao, pick where to stay in Siargao, and complete your Siargao itinerary.

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How to Go to Siargao

You’ve probably seen the picturesque waves in Cloud 9 Siargao that made you want to know how to go to Siargao. Tourists can easily reach this surfing paradise through Sayak Airport, also known as Siargao Domestic Airport, or through Surigao City, an alternate jump-off point to the island.

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How to go to Siargao through Sayak Airport?

SkyJet, Cebu Pacific, and Philippines Airlines are three of the most popular airlines flying to Sayak Airport. Sayak Airport is just a small airport serving thousands of tourists monthly. It is located in Del Carmen which is approximately 45 minutes from General Luna, the most popular municipality in Siargao and probably the highlight of every Siargao guide you can find. You can book your flights here.

If you are planning to take this route, you need to ride a van to take you to General Luna which costs 300 pesos. Don’t worry, it will drop you right in front of your hostel’s doorstep.

How to go to Siargao through Surigao City?

From Surigao City, ride a ferry or a trigger boat to Dapa Port which is just a few minutes away from General Luna. Depending on the type of vessel, you can reach Dapa Port after 4 hours or less. Once you arrived in Dapa Port, you can then take a tricycle or a motorbike to General Luna. You can book your boat from Surigao City to Siargao Island to plan your trip well.

When is the best time to visit Siargao

Many people asked what is the best month to visit Siargao? We suggest to visit from March until October. However, knowing the unpredictable weather in the Philippines, it is important to plan all the trips ahead of time so the activities will be adjusted accordingly.  Since most of the things to do in Siargao are outdoors, the best time to visit Siargao is during the dry season which falls on the months of March until October. During this time, tourists can enjoy surfing in Cloud 9 Siargao. It also during this season where Siargao hostels are almost fully-booked and Siargao surfing is high demand.

Search and book for you Siargao to Surigao ferry ride!

On the other hand, the best time to go surfing in Siargao falls in the months of August to November. It is during these months where you can catch good waves. In fact, an annual surfing competition is held during September where surfers from all over the world compete for their title.

If knowing the best time to go surfing in Siargao does not concern you at all, maybe you will be interested to know in this Siargao guide that scuba diving is an ideal addition to your Siargao itinerary on the months of April until October.

Best things to do in Siargao

Siargao is definitely one of the best places to visit in the Philippines and getting to enjoy what the island has to offer is such a pleasure even for a local traveler like me.

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I enjoyed all the activities I did on the island even though I am a little less of an adrenaline junkie. It was also during that trip when I tried surfing for the first time. I was hesitant at first because of my non-existent swimming skills but at the end of the day, I was glad I tried it. Here are my best things to do in Siargao that you should also try:

Travel Guide Siargao for non-surfers

Drive to the sea of Palms in Maasin

The sea of palm trees in Maasin makes a very Instagram-worthy destination for those who want to capture one of Siargao’s popular spots. If you’re coming to Siargao, you definitely don’t want to miss this in your itinerary of what to do in Dapa Siargao. This sea of trees is not difficult to find. All it takes is a short drive from General Luna to Maasin and just before you will reach the famous bent palm tree, you will find this majestic view of the coconut palm trees.

Take a dip in Magpupungko Rock Pools

A rock pool within the sea, you definitely should take every chance to visit the Magpupungko Rock Pools. If you do, be sure to check the schedule for low tides first since the rock pool is not visible during high tide. You can use Magicseaweed to check the tides before you go. It also takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the location of the rock pool so it would be a waste of time if you arrive when it’s closed– most especially for those who are planning to DIY the trip.

Enjoy the serenity while kayaking in Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon, which was recently renovated, has a lot of exciting adventures to offer amidst its serene spot. Kayaking in Sugba Lagoon is just one of them. For me, it is the perfect addition to your Siargao itinerary if you just want to savor the enchanting beauty of the lagoon.

Unfortunately, I was not able to add this in my itinerary went I went to Siargao because it was under renovation at that time

Try island hopping (Tri-Island and Sohoton)

If you never tried island hopping in Siargao then you have never been to Siargao at all. Various travel agencies and groups are offering island hopping packages to tourists but most of them are quite expensive. On the other hand, there are also some hostels offering these services at a reasonable price.

Visit Santa Monica Pier

You can also explore the outskirts of General Luna and the Santa Monica Pier would make a great stopover to this road trip. I’ve been here on our way to Alegria Beach but it was almost noontime so we didn’t stay. However, I heard that you can catch the sunset in Santa Monica Pier.

Explore the Maasin Enchanted River

If you want to know more about what to do in Dapa Siargao, you can find sailing through the Maasin enchanting river an interesting addition to your Siargao itinerary. You can find the entrance just right under the Maasin Bridge where you will ride a canoe all the way to the small pool in the enchanted river and back to the registration area.

Travel guide Siargao for surfers

Siargao surfing has always been one of the things a lot of tourists and even locals are looking forward to their days on the island. If you too can’t wait to catch these glorious waves, here are some of the sweet spots you can visit as a surfer:

Cloud 9 Siargao and Quicksilver

Located in the heart of General Luna, this is the most popular surfing spot in Siargao. In fact, it has been hosting a couple of international surfing competitions already. Another reason why it is popular because right next to it is Quicksilver which is perfect for beginners and even first-timers. It is also usually the most crowded especially during peak season.

How much is the cost of surfing?

One hour of surfing costs 500 pesos or 10 USD. This already includes the surfboard and the instructor to teach you the basics. Usually, they will teach you how to properly stand on the board. While some instructors vary from one another, there are some instructors who will really teach you how to catch waves.

I tried surfing twice which costs me 1000 pesos and during my second try, my instructor taught me how to cross-step on a longboard. It is one of the surfing tricks which I eagerly tried but constantly failed. It was a fun experience though.

Anyway, if you don’t have an idea of where to find an instructor,  you can easily find a lot of dudes offering various surfing packages by the entrance. There are also hostels offering surfing packages but I’m not sure how much different is the price from the ones you can find directly in Cloud 9.

Pacifico Beach

If you are a little bit on the intermediate level, you can leave the buzzing Cloud 9 and surf in Pacifico Beach instead. Located in the north-eastern tip of the island, you will find Pacifico Beach a refreshing escape from the crowd in Cloud 9. It is also a higher take in Siargao surfing.

How much is the cost of surfing?

Fat Lips Surf Shop offers surfing packages to Pacifico for Advance surfers. It costs 2500 pesos or 49.50 USD per day. The package already includes surf guiding and teaching, surf etiquette, surfing equipment, transportation to the surf spot, and a SUP tour.

Travel guide Siargao for adrenaline junkies

Cliff dive in Sohoton Cove

Aside from the enchanting lagoons and hidden caves, cliff diving is one of the activities in Sohoton Cove. This 5m cliff was one of the scariest activities I faced in my Siargao itinerary. The tour guides will give you an option though whether to stay in the boat or participate in this activity. However, I decided to join the others and went inside the cave. It was already late when I realized that the only and the easiest way to get out of the cave is to jump from the cliff.

Venture the Tayangban Cave pool

Inside the Tayangban cave pool, you have to float and climb through rocks in the middle of the darkness. Our tour guide said that the cave was once used as a hideout during World War 2. But that’s not the most interesting part yet because right at the end of the adventure is a cliff which can give you an adrenaline rush. Getting at the top of the cliff is already a challenge itself because you have to climb through the vines. Just be sure to listen to your tour guide’s instructions though because there are areas that are dangerous to dive into.

Try the jumping plank in Sugba Lagoon

If you’re already planning to go to Sugba Lagoon, you might want to try the jumping plank. This 3m plank is one of the highlights of the place. From the top, you will also have a great view of the lagoon and its crystal clear water.

Rent a motorbike and drive North to South

Renting a motorbike is a great idea for adrenaline junkies and most especially if you are planning to DIY your Siargao itinerary. You can find motorbike rentals for as low as 300 pesos or 6 USD per day. Depending on the number of days, the rental fee can also go lower.

Swing in the bent palm trees

Swinging in the bent palm trees is also one of the most adventurous activities you can add in your Siargao itinerary. If it is your first time and you are not sure what to do, do not fret because the local guides will give you a heads up on how to climb the bent palm trees, how to grip the swing’s handle, and when to swing. If you don’t know how to swim, you can also negotiate with one of the locals to spot you.

Where to stay in Siargao

Knowing where to stay or sleep in Siargao is also important but not difficult to plan. You can find a cheap Siargao hostel close to Tourism Road or a fancy Siargao accommodation close to bars and clubs. Here is a list of the best area to stay in Siargao to guide you:

Cheap Siargao Accommodation

Villa Solaria Resort

Located in Barangay Catangnan, General Luna, this Siargao hostel is one of the most popular accommodations in Siargao offering cheap bunk beds for as low as 450 pesos or 9 USD per night.

Balay Hayahay

Another affordable Siargao hostel is Balay Hayahay located in General Luna proper. For one night in a bunk bed, it will only cost you 300 pesos or 6 USD.

Moonlight Homestay

Moonlight Homestay is located in Tourism Road, the best area to stay in Siargao, right in the heart of General Luna. This portion of the town is one of the most expensive accommodations in Siargao but for only 380 pesos or 7.5 USD per night, you can already enjoy a comfortable bunk bed with other fellow backpackers.

Mid-range Siargao Accommodation

Tres Islas Hostel

This Siargao hostel located in General Luna offers single private rooms for 1500 pesos or 30 USD per night.

Basti Homestay

This midrange hostel in General Luna is also part of the Zen rooms which offer standard double rooms for as low as 1300 pesos or 25.7 USD per night.

Ohana Resort Siargao

Ohana Resort Siargao is located in General Luna. It offers rooms for as low as 1900 pesos or 31.6 USD per night.

Luxury Siargao Accommodation

Lampara Siargao Boutique Hostel

This luxury Siargao hostel offers 1 double bed with sea view for 6250 pesos or 124 USD per night.

Siargao Island Villas

Siargao Island Villas has premier rooms starting at 7705 pesos or 152 USD. The topnotch services offered in this villa makes it to the list of the best area to stay in Siargao.

Bravo Beach Resort Siargao

Bravo Beach Resort has garden rooms that cost 5100 pesos or 100 USD per night. Aside from that, this Siargao accommodation also offers surfing packages.

How much is the cost of surfing?

For a minimum of 3-night accommodation, you can get an unlimited 2 days of surfing with private instructors and surfboard for as low as 12600 per person. The price depends on the type of room you will get.

Siargao Itinerary and Budget

How much will it cost to go to Siargao? You don’t need to empty out all your bank accounts to afford a vacation in Siargao. Depending on where you will be staying and how you want your vacation to be, you can find already enjoy a funfilled Siargao getaway for just a few bucks.

Day 0 – Arrival in Siargao Airport

  • Hail a van to General Luna for 300 pesos (one way).
  • Check-in to your hostel, freshen up and rest
  • Explore the town. You can also rent a motorbike for 300 pesos per day.

Day 1 – Island hopping (Tri-Island and Sohoton Cove)

  • Proceed to designated meetup spot or wait for the tour operator to pick you up in your hostel (some tour packages offer this option)
  • Arrive in Bucas Grande Island.
  • Jellyfish sanctuary and Sohoton Cove tour
  • Lunch
  • Tri-Island (Daku Island, Naked Island, and Guyam Island)

This island hopping package costs around 1700 pesos or 33.6 USD. You can also check for island hopping tours here.

Day 2 – Land tour

  • Bent Palm trees in Maasin – 50 pesos/ 1 USD + the tip to the local guides
  • Magpupungko Rock Pools – 50 pesos/ 1 USD
  • Tayangban Cave Pool – 70 pesos

Day 3 – Surfing

1 hour of surfing in Cloud 9 with instructor costs 500 pesos or 9.89 USD.

Day 4 – Land tour

  • Santa Monica Pier
  • Taktak Falls – 20 pesos/ 0.40 USD
  • Pacifico Beach

Siargao is such a gem for all types of travelers whether you just want to relax with the sound of the waves or get active by learning how to surf all day long. It also hosts one of the best parties I have tried in my life and I love how the locals and the tourists jibe with one another. In an instant, Siargao won my heart and I definitely love to come back over and over again.

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Have you ever been to Siargao? Let us know what we missed!

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