Top 13 Best Water Activities To Do in Boracay

Tourists flock to the island of Bocaray because of its world-renowned white sand beaches. However, there are also many Boracay water activities that island goers can enjoy after lounging on the beach for a few days. These water sports in Boracay can be for the adventurous spirits or those who only want a bit of adrenaline in their life. We have listed down the top 13 best water activities in Boracay Island below.

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Whether you want to get adventurous on the beach or underwater, there are many things to do in Boracay that you should try. From my favourite stand-up paddle boarding to even helmet diving, you will find an activity that will suit your budget and spirit. There are also amazing beachfront hotels in Boracay Island to enjoy your vacation there.

Comparison of the 13 Best Water Activities in Boracay

Water ActivityPrice Starts fromBook Here
Kite SurfingPhp 2,000Book at Kite Schools
Scuba DivingPhp 2,500BOOK HERE
Island HoppingPhp 1,200BOOK HERE
Helmet DivingPhp 800BOOK HERE
Stand-up Paddle BoardingPhp 300BOOK HERE
ParasailingPhp 1,500BOOK HERE
SnorkelingPhp 500BOOK HERE
Jet SkiingPhp 1,500BOOK HERE
Paraw SailingPhp 2,000/boatBOOK HERE
Banana Boat RidesPhp 400BOOK HERE
FreedivingPhp 10,000Book at dive shops
UFO and Hurricane RidesPhp 400BOOK HERE
Mermaid SwimmingPhp 1,000BOOK HERE

Kite Surfing or Wind Surfing

One of the best water activities in Boracay is Kite Surfing. This water sport has the perfect area for learning at Bulabog beach with its shallow water and steady winds. There are many kite surfing schools along Bulabog beach to choose from. You’ll be able to get beginner courses or even go full on kite surfing instructor courses. Courses start at 1,900/hour or you can get a package from one of the schools. After a day or two, you’ll be cruising on your board along the blue waters of Bulabog beach in Boracay. Find your school by visiting some of the popular ones along Bulabog Beach like Freestyle, Hangin Kite and Isla Kite Surfing.

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Scuba Diving

Whether you’re already a certified scuba diver or wants to dip your toes and get your open water scuba diving course, you will be able to do this in Boracay. For those who just want to try it, there are Discover Scuba Diving lessons offered by many diving shops along White Beach. You’ll be able to dive in one day and get one of those awesome photos too! Discover scuba diving lessons start from Php 2,500 per person depending on the season. Check here to book your course or for more information.

Island Hopping in Boracay

One of the most popular things to do in Boracay is to go island-hopping. This activity takes you to several of the island’s popular and can’t-miss tourist sites, from Crocodile Island to the likes of Puka Beach. This tour also comes with a mouthwatering seafood and BBQ buffet that your group can delight in during lunch. You’ll see get to snorkel and swim at some of the popular beaches around the island of Boracay. You’ll even get to stop by Balinghay Beach and Crystal cove island and lunch at Tambisaan Beach. This is usually a whole day activity starting at 10am. Check here to book your adventure or for more information.

Helmet Diving

The closest thing to breathing underwater is to Helmet Dive in Boracay! You get to go on an amazing underwater walk on this activity. This is really suitable for those who have always wanted to dive but aren’t comfortable on a scuba or even not a good swimmer. You’ll go on a speed boat to the dive location, you’ll then put on the oxygen pumped helmet and a short safety briefing. Then slowly, you’ll go down and discover some of Boracay’s marine life. You’ll be standing on a sandy sea bed, seeing colourful fishes and coral reefs! Prices for this activity starts at Php800 up.  Check here to book your adventure or for more information.

Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Being on a stand-up paddle board while gliding along the calm waters of Boracay white beach during one of the island’s stunning sunsets is the one of the best things to do in Boracay. You will find these boards along the beach being offered for about Php 300 for a 30-minute use or even haggle and get an hour for that price. There will be an instructor who would give you a general idea of what to do and you’ll be left to enjoy the activity. I suggest to start from Station 3 to Station 1 from 5pm and just relax on the board when the sun sets. It is one of my favourite things to do in the island. Check here to book your adventure or for more information.


If your idea of an adrenaline rush is being hoisted up from a running speedboat and get to be dipped down for a thrill, parasailing is definitely for you. Parasailing is a combination of the word parachute and sailing, so expect to be glide on air attached to a parachute and sail from by being tugged by a speedboat. For about 15 minutes, you’ll be up on the air while seeing the view of Boracay white beach. Rates for parasailing starts at Php 1,500 per person. Check here to book your adventure or for more information.


Author snorkeling in Moalboal, Cebu

Don your snorkeling gears and head out to Tambisaan Beach for some of the most beautiful corals you’ll see in Boracay. The best thing about it is you don’t have to ride a boat to see them. Tambisaan Beach is located in Station 3 of White Beach. You can rent snorkeling gears at dive shops and walk into the bay and start snorkeling. You’ll be able to see different kinds of marine life and also enjoy the beach after.  You can also join a snorkeling tour to many different areas in Boracay for a day.  Check here to book your adventure or for more information.

Jet Skiing

Speed along Boracay’s water onboard a jet ski and feel the adrenaline rush to your maximum level with this activity. Jet skiing is the most popular watersports activities in Boracay and your vacation would not be complete without it. You will have an instructor to help you and all safety equipment provided. The options of 15 minute to an hour ride will give you the maximum adventure in Boracay. Rates start at Php 1,500 for a 30-minute ride. Check here to book your ride or for more information.

Paraw Sailing

One of the must-do water activities in Boracay is Paraw sailing. You will get on a traditional local sail boat made of wood and bamboo along with your friends or love ones. This is also very romantic and amazing if done during the famous sunsets of Boracay along White Beach. You get to relax and enjoy the stunning waters, sunset and take Instagram worthy photos while cruising. You won’t regret doing this activity in Boracay. Paraw sailing in Boracay starts at Php2,000 per boat which you can share with friends up to 8 people. Check here to book your adventure or for more information.

Banana Boat Rides

Tag your family and friends and hold on for dear life when you take Banana boat rides in Boracay! You’ll go on a 15-minute thrill ride holding on the boat, together with safety equipment like life vest and helmet to keep you safe. This is the perfect activity with a group of people and you’ll surely find yourself screaming for joy especially when you get dipped into the water. Rates for Banana boat rides start at Php 400 per person. Check here to book your ride or for more information.


One of the recently popular activities is freediving. This is basically snorkeling but going down deeper and holding your breath longer under water. It is a test of endurance, your ability to be calm and hold your breath all while getting deeper and deeper. There are lessons offered at free diving schools along White Beach and you can check with them as to how you can start with it. Rates start from Php10,000 for a beginner’s course which includes safety, breathing technique, water and pool sessions and also certification.

UFO and Hurricane Rides

This Boracay water activity really should come with a warning. It is fun, exciting and thrilling but might also get you body aches after! You will get to ride on an inflatable spaceship and be towed as fast as 30kph! You’ve got to hold on for dear life and scream with excitement. Don’t worry as you will given life jackets and safety gears. It is best done with friends for sure. Rates for UFO rides start at Php400 per person. Check here to book your adventure or for more information.

Mermaid Swimming

Get magical and learn how to swim like a mermaid in the beautiful waters of Boracay. You’ll learn basic swim strokes and breathing techniques with instructors. You’ll also get a photoshoot and receive and international mermaid swimming certificate when you finish your course. For those who only want the mermaid photos, you’ll have that option without learning how to swim. Prices for the course starts at Php1,000 per person. Check here to book your adventure or for more information.

Hope we helped you in finding the best water activities in Boracay. Have you ever been to Boracay? Let us know what we’ve missed!

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