Best Ways to Get from Cebu to Ormoc 2023

Traveling around the Philippines can sometimes become a challenge because it is an archipelago. You’ve got to either fly out or take the ferry. The most popular way to get from Cebu to Ormoc is via ferry and we’re here to help plan this trip efficiently and effectively. Check out our Cebu to Ormoc ferry schedule for 2022.

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Where is Ormoc?

Ormoc is located in the eastern Visayas area – in the island of Leyte. Ormoc is famous for its Piña Festival in honor of the saints Peter and Paul in thanks for the bountiful pineapple harvest.

Cebu to Ormoc Ferry at a Glance

How much is the fare from Cebu to Ormoc? The ferry fare from Cebu to Ormoc can range from 800 up. You can book your Oceanjet tickets here.
What pier is Cebu to Ormoc? Cebu to Ormoc fast ferry departs from Cebu Pier 1.
What pier is Lite Shipping Ormoc to Cebu? Lite Shipping departs from Ormoc Port.
How many hours travel from Ormoc to Cebu via OceanJet? Ormoc to Cebu travel time is 3 – 7 hours.

Cebu to Ormoc Ferry Schedule

There are currently 2 fast ferry companies and 2 slow ferries servicing Cebu to Ormoc routes. Check the table below for the schedule and fare.

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Ferry NameTravel TimeType of FerryPriceWhere to Book
Oceanjet 3 hoursFast FerryPhp 1100 - 1600BOOK HERE
Supercat3 hoursFast FerryPhp 1100 - 1600BOOK HERE
Lite Shipping 5 - 7 hoursRORO FerryPhp 500 - 1000BOOK HERE
Roble Shipping 5 hoursRORO FerryPhp 600 - 1300BOOK HERE

Oceanjet Cebu to Ormoc Schedule

Oceanjet is one of the most popular fast ferry companies that travel from Cebu to Ormoc. It departs from Cebu Pier 1 to Ormoc Port. It has 3 different class types; tourist class, open-air and business class. Travel time is usually 3 hours. Oceanjet Cebu to Ormoc schedule is 4 times a day per way.

Check here for updated schedule and fare.

Supercat Cebu to Ormoc Schedule

Supercat is also another fast ferry company. Personally, it has better seats and interior than Oceanjet. It also departs from Cebu Pier 1 to Ormoc Port. It has 3 different class types; tourist class, open-air and business class. Travel time is usually 3 hours. Supercat Cebu to Ormoc schedule is 2 times a day per way.

Check here for updated schedule and fare.

Roble Shipping Cebu to Ormoc Schedule

Roble Shipping is a slow boat or what they call RORO ferry which lets passengers and vehicles on the ferry. This is a more popular way for travelers to go if they have vehicles or more baggage as they can travel with them and pay less.

Roble shipping tickets can usually be bought at the terminal and if you have a vehicle, you can pay for that there at the terminal. For Roble shipping schedule from Cebu to Ormoc is 10PM daily and Ormoc to Cebu is 10:30AM daily. You can check their updated schedule and rates here.

Lite Shipping Cebu to Ormoc Schedule

Lite Ferries are also slow ferries which depart from Cebu to Ormoc at Cebu Pier 3. They usually have 1 departure per day and takes about 7 hours to arrive at Ormoc Port.

You can buy tickets for Lite Shipping at the terminal office or at the port especially if you have baggage. Make sure that you there in advanced because it might become fully booked quickly. You can check pricing and schedule here.

Have we covered all your questions about going from Cebu to Ormoc ferry schedules? Please let us know in the comments if you have.

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