Best Accommodation and Hotels to Stay in Sagada

Sagada can be best enjoyed if you stay for at least 5 days to a week. It is one of the best places to visit in the Philippines too. It offers a lot if activities that adrenaline junkies will really go weak for. Aside from that, you also don’t want to waste the long trip to Sagada by just leaving after a day or two, right? You can even go and visit its nearby towns to explore more of the Mountain Province. To help you make the most of your stay, we listed down the best accommodation and hotels to stay in Sagada for your trip!

Banaue, Bontoc, and Kalinga are the top places you can visit that are just a few hours away from Sagada. If you are looking for a place to stay in Sagada, don’t worry here is a list of Sagada best hotels accommodations. You can also check some of these Sagada cheap accommodations if are a little tight in budget.

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Best Area to Stay in Sagada

Ideally, the best area to stay in Sagada is in the city center or at least close to it because you will be located near many tourist attractions, restaurants, ATM, police station, and of course, the bus terminal. Sagada is divided into three zones. There’s Central/West, East/North, and South. If you notice in the town center, there are three roads leading to each of these zone. If you want to stay near popular restaurants and inns, the South zone is the ideal location for you.

Accommodations in Sagada at a Glance

Where can I sleep in Sagada?

Sagada Rock Inn is one of the most popular hotels you can stay in Sagada. You can check the best hotels to stay here too.

Is it safe to go to Sagada?

Yes, Sagada implements their own safety guidelines most especially for tourists such as hiring a guide when entering the caves or hiking to Bomod-Ok Falls.

How do I get from Manila to Sagada?

You can take a Codalines bus or Ohayami bus from Manila to Sagada.

Comparisons of the Best Accommodation and Places to Stay in Sagada

Sagada Best Hotels AccommodationsPrice per night startsRatingCheck Rates
Sagada Rock Inn$57Very GoodCheck Hotels Here
Agape Log Cabin and Restaurant$21ExcellentBook Here
Coffee Heritage House & Hostel$32ExcellentBook Here
The Rusty Nail Inn and Cafe$36Very GoodBook Here
See Too Ville$43Very GoodBook Here

Sagada Best Hotels Accommodations

Rock Inn

Location: Batalao, Sagada, Luzon 2619 Philippines

Why Stay at Sagada Rock Inn?

This mid-range hotel located in Batalao features non-smoking rooms and family rooms in the heart of Sagada. It is one of the Sagada Best Hotels Accommodations in town despite its distance from the main road. There are 42 rooms in the hotel where guests can enjoy a decent bedroom and a toilet. The hotel’s restaurant is also one of the amenities that guests love about Sagada Rock Inn.

Check rates and reviews for Sagada hotels here

Sagada Rock Inn has rooms suited for all types of travelers. However, due to the pandemic, they are currently on a skeletal workforce thus only opening their Executive Rooms and Bunk Rooms for guests. Their Executive Rooms consist of 2 queen beds while their Bunk Rooms has 4 double deck beds with private toilet and bathroom.

Agape Log Cabin and Restaurant

Location: Dagdag, Sagada, Luzon 2619 Philippines

Why Stay at Agape Log Cabin and Restaurant?

Agape Log Cabbin and Restaurant features family rooms in its cabin inspired hotel which is perfect for Sagada’s ambiance. It is made with natural logs from Sagada’s mountains making its interior very aesthetically pleasing. It truly gives off an authentic countryside home experience. The hotel also offers a laundry service and a restaurant for its guests. Parking is also free. The location of the hotel is a little bit far from the main road but it is close to many restaurants like Gaia Cafe and Yoghurt House and tourist attractions like Echo Valley, Hanging Coffins, and Lumiang Cave.

Check rates and reviews for Agape Log Cabin here.

Coffee Heritage House & Hostel

Location: Sitio Nadatngan, Brgy. Madongo, Sagada, Luzon 2619 Philippines

Why Stay at Coffee Heritage House & Hostel?

One of Sagada Best Hotels Accomodations is Coffee Heritage House and Hostel. It is a charming hotel that offers a great view. It has non-smoking rooms and Family rooms for larger number of guests. If you love coffee, you will surely fall in love with this place because it also features activities that immerses its guest to coffee making activities. In fact, it is the first coffee-themed destination in Sagada. If you don’t want to participate in these activities, you can also just enjoy their free coffee.

Want to book at Coffee Heritage House and Hostel? Check their rates and reviews here.

The Rusty Nail Inn & Cafe

Location: Mabbay, Staunton Road, Sagada, Luzon Philippines

Why Stay at The Rusty Nail Inn & Cafe?

One of the Sagada Best Hotels Accommodations is The Rusty Nail Inn and cafe in Mabbay. It features non-smoking rooms, a restaurant, and an overall vibe perfect for kids and families. The location of the hotel is approximately 2 kilometers away from the town proper but given the clean room, good food, and decent experience in this hotel, the location is not that bad. The Yogurt House and Sagada Brew are also located close to the hotel which are great options if you don’t want to dine in at the hotel’s restaurant.

Check reviews and rates of Rusty Nail Inn here.

See Too Ville

Location: Sagada – Besao Road Ato, Poblacion, Sagada, Luzon 2619 Philippines

Why Stay at See Too Ville?

If you want to enjoy the isolation with an incredible panoramic view of Sagada, See Too Ville is the best accommodation for you. Located 450 meters uphill from the town proper, See Too Ville offers family rooms with a non-smoking policy. Aside from that, guests also enjoyed the food in this hotel as well as its management and staff.

It is located 4 minutes from Sagada Weaving, and 11 minutes from the Hanging Coffins of Sagada and Echo Valley. Check their rates and reviews here.

Sagada Cheap Accommodations

Sagada Cheap AccommodationsPrice per night startsRatingCheck Rates
Salt and Pepper Inn & Restaurant$14AverageBook Here
Isabelo's Inn and Cafe$20Very GoodBook Here

Salt and Pepper Inn & Restaurant

Location: South Rd, Sagada, Luzon 2619 Philippines

Why Stay at Salt and Pepper Inn & Restaurant?

If you are looking for Sagada Cheap Accommodations, Salt and Pepper Inn should be on tp of your list. For only less than 1000 per night, you can already find a decent room to stay in Sagada. Aside from that, it is located in a restaurant where you can also enjoy very delicious meals including Sagada’s local delicacies. If you’re staying for the night, you should definitely check out their pancakes for breakfast.

Check their reviews and rates here.

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe

Location: Poblacion Sagada, Sagada, Luzon Philippines

Why Stay at Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe?

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe is one of the top picks for Sagada Cheap Accommodations because of its proximity to many restaurants, tourist spots, and the bus terminal. It is centrally located which makes your stay in Sagada more convenient. It is also known for its cheap rates which is why budget travelers prefer to stay here.

Check their rates and reviews here.

Isabelo’s Inn and Cafe offers Free Wifi, free breakfast, baggage storage service, and laundry service. Guests can also enjoy a cup of coffee at its coffee shop.

Sagada Best Guest Houses

Sagada Best Guest HousesPrice per night startsRatingCheck Rates
SAGADA Private Home$116Book in Trip Advisor
DAD's Homestay$25ExcellentBook Here
Sagada Log Cottage$99Book in AirBnb

SAGADA Private Home

Location: Staunton Road, Sagada, Mountain Province

Why Stay at SAGADA Private Home?

Sagada Private Home offers a home in the mountains. It features a beautiful overlooking view of the Sagada pine trees. Inside this home, you can enjoy the living room, a toilet and bathroom, a dining area, a kitchen, and 2 bedrooms. If you want to enjoy the mountain with a bike, a bike rental service is also available on the property. The property has a private yard and a garage for your vehicles.

Check rates and reviews for Sagada hotels here

DAD’s Homestay

Location: Orange Drive, Sagada, Mountain Province

Why Stay at DAD’s Homestay?

The very humble setting of DAD’s Homestay is what attracted a lot of guests to stay here. It does not have the luxurious amenities of a 5-star hotel but the warm welcome of its owners makes it one of Sagada Best Guest Houses. It offers a kitchen and a fireplace to complement the cold Sagada climate. Overall, the house is made of 7 bedrooms. One bedroom has a Queen-sized bed while the others have double beds and small beds. Free parking is also available on the property.

If you are traveling with your family or a group of approximately 10 people, you will surely find comfort in DAD’s Homestay. Check its availability here.

Sagada Log Cottage

Location: Sagada, Cordillera Administrative Region, Philippines

Why stay at Sagada Log Cottage?

Sagada Log Cottage offers an entire home to its guests that is why it is one of the Sagada Best Guest Houses you can find in town. It features 2 bedrooms, 1 toilet and bath, and a living room. In total, this guesthouse can accommodate 4 to 6 guests. It also has an indoor fireplace to cozy up the cold Sagada climate.

The interior and exterior of the place is simple. It showcases the typical mountain houses, one that is made up of logs and woods. The location of the house is also close to the Eco Valley and a parking space nearby can be used for your private vehicles. Rent a car here.

Want more options? Score cheap Sagada Hotel Accomodations here.

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